Brush Collection Guidelines

Branch Brush Pick-up

The Village’s dense tree population makes brush collection a highly valued service for Village residents to be able to dispose of high volumes of brush from their properties as a curbside service. The Village has the typical availability of one brush crew that generally can provide weekly brush pick-up for residents.

Brush collection occurs from January through early October.  During mid-October, the service is limited through December 31 to allow the Maintenance Department to concentrate on curbside leaf collection.

Brush Pickup Procedural Changes

Residents are advised that the Maintenance Department will no longer follow a specified chipping day schedule by street. Brush will be picked up once per week, as determined by the Maintenance Department, to allow flexibility in scheduling all necessary work.

Residents should place brush at the curb, stump end facing the street, and it will be picked up within a week barring any unforeseen circumstances. Contractors are still responsible for removal of their own brush and debris.

Placing brush at the curb in a manner that follows the brush pick-up guidelines will help ensure that your brush can be safely chipped and does not get left at the curb.  Certain guidelines are in place to expedite the collection process, prevent damage to the chipping machine and keep employees from injury.

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide the best possible services to our residents.

Brush Guidelines

  • The length of the limbs you set out for removal should be as long as possible.  Cut them down only to the size required for you to move them. We would much rather have one 30 foot long limb to chip than ten 3-foot limbs.
  • Do not stack or pile limbs. Lay them at the curb with the cut end pointing toward the street, side by side.   Limbs may be up to, but not exceeding, 10 inches in diameter to fit into the opening of the chipping machine.
  • Vines and limbs with thorns should be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled and tied with string (no wire).
  • Different types of materials are to be set out in separate areas (i.e., limbs in one area, vines, thorns, and logs in another).   Our crews do not untangle big piles of various types of material at each residence.   Please use your entire road frontage to set the brush out if necessary, and form a second row if required.
  • Materials such as rocks, bricks, pipes, wire, fencing material (split rail, wood posts), lumber, etc., are to be disposed of with your regular trash according to Rumpke’s regulations.
  • Small sticks (smaller than a broom stick), twigs, leaves, and other small debris such as this should be bagged or placed in cans for Rumpke, following their yard waste removal regulations.   The Village brush crew will not pick up this type of material.

Remember that any contractors or workers you hire (professional tree trimmers, landscapers, builders, etc.) are required to remove from your property any tree limbs, trunks, logs, etc. that they generate. They are NOT allowed to place this material at the curb.

Logs and ornamental grass generated by residents are generally picked up on Fridays.

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Leaf Collection

Please review the Leaf Collection Guidelines page for more information.

Leaf Collection & Brush Lite

Amberley Village will begin regular leaf collection beginning mid-October and will continue collecting leaves through mid-December.  Leaves will be collected from each residence at least once a week, with Brush Lite service as needed/available during this time frame.  Leaf and brush piles should be kept separated and stacked/piled according to guidelines provided on the website.  Questions?  Contact Village Administration at 513-531-8675, or Email.


YouTube Video - Amberley Village Service Department - Brush Video for Residents