Other Committees 

Amberley Village Environmental Stewardship Committee  — Established in September 2004 to preserve and enhance the natural park-like heritage of Amberley and to improve the visual appearance of our neighborhoods.   Nine members are appointed by Council for a two-year term with one representative each from Council, Planning Commission and staff, but the group is open to all residents with an interest in gardening, trees or nature.

Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals (PC/BZA) — Comprised of one representative from Council and four members appointed by the Mayor for a term of four years, this body has two distinct functions.

  • The PC may amend or modify the existing zoning code of the Village. A public hearing is held before any change is made, after which the PC makes a recommendation to Council. The Village Council can accept, reject, or modify and then adopt the PC’s recommendation.
  • The BZA has the authority to grant relief from strict application of the zoning code when conditions of undue hardship or practical difficulty can be demonstrated. BZA cases are considered on an individual basis in the context of the zoning and neighborhood character.

Long-Range Planning Committee — Established in 1997 by Village Ordinance 33.04, the Committee’s purpose is make recommendations to Council for action in the areas of land development, intergovernmental issues, financial management, ordinances review, communications, personnel, schooling, recreation, and any other areas pertaining to long-range planning for the Village. It was convened in 2008 by Merrie Stillpass in her role as then vice-mayor. With resident input, the 2008 LRPC developed a Vision Plan for Amberley in the year 2018 that includes suggested strategies for realizing the vision.

Stormwater Management Advisory Committee — Oversees and makes recommendations concerning improvements and maintenance of the Village-owned portions of the stormwater sewer system. Section 156 of the Code of Ordinances guides policy and decisions made by this committee.  Chaired by a member of Council, its remaining three members are residents appointed by the Mayor for a four-year term.

Property Maintenance Code Review Board – Hears appeals from residents on decisions made under the Village’s property maintenance code.  Consists of three members qualified in the area of property maintenance appointed by the Mayor.  Two alternate members also are appointed.

Income Tax Review Board – Hears appeals from residents on decisions of the Income Tax Administrator.  It may affirm, reverse or modify the original decision.  Consists of three members who may be Village officials but not members of Council.  Current board members are:  Village Treasurer Rick Kay, Ben Hunt and Judy Barron.

Human Rights Commission – Hears concerns from residents regarding human rights issues.  The commission works to bring about mutual understanding and respect among all persons, and to safeguard the right and opportunity of persons to be free from all forms of discrimination.