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October News & Updates

Leaf Collection Starts October 17

leaf crewAmberley Village’s Maintenance Department is pleased to serve the community through the annual leaf collection program beginning on Monday, October 17 through December 30.
Leaf collection sign mondayNew this year, a black and white advisory sign will be posted at the entrance to your neighborhood in advance, projecting the next collection day for your area.

Crews will stay on schedule as much as possible, but the signs will tell residents when leaves are being vacuumed. Weather, equipment, parking on the street, and debris mixed with leaves all affect the Village’s ability to collect leaves.

Tips When Raking Your Leaves for Pickup:

  • Please keep brush, grass clippings, and other debris separate from leaves.
  • Please avoid placing leaves in the street to keep gutters and storm drains from clogging.
  • Please avoid parking in front of leaf piles; crews are not able to pick up piles with access issues.
  • Never place leaves around fire hydrants, mailboxes, sign posts, utility poles or guy wires. 

Brush Pick-Up Suspended
During November and December

Due to recent reductions in personnel, the maintenance department staff will concentrate on bulk leaf collection during this period.

Brush pick-up will resume in January.  The last pick-up for residents would be their regularly scheduled pick-up day during the week of October 24-28.

Day to Day Home Safety

  • AN UNLOCKED LOCK IS NOT A LOCK! Remember to keep your doors locked even when you are home.
  • Do not hide a second key. Burglars know the hiding spots and will look for keys.
  • Remember to keep doors closed and locked, including the garage door, if you are working in the yard.
  • House numbers are very important. They should be large enough to be seen from the roadway and should be visible both day and night. This will help the police, fire or any emergency unit locate your residence quickly.
  • Store small portable items such as bicycles or lawn mowers out of sight, not in open areas where they may be easily stolen.
  • Store ladders in the garage, or keep them locked with a bicycle lock.
  • Avoid admitting strangers into your home. Ask for identification of anyone coming to your home uninvited.
  • Do not allow strangers to use your telephone.
  • A wide angle door viewer is a must if visibility is not otherwise possible.
  • Keep shrubbery away from your doors and windows. Don’t allow the shrubs to block your view. Thin the growth so that a burglar is denied the opportunity to work undetected.

Calendar Events

Oct 3 Board of Zoning Appeals – No Agenda
Oct 10 Columbus Day – Admin Offices Closed
Oct 11 Council Meeting 7:30 p.m.
Oct 17 Public Meeting – Energy Aggregation 7 p.m.
Oct 22 Make a Difference Day 1-4 p.m.
Oct 24 ESC Meeting 7:30 p.m.
Oct 31 Halloween Trick or Treating 6-8 p.m.

Watch the September Council Meeting

Join Your Neighbors at Amberley Green!

The last day for residents to gather and help care for the trees on Amberley Green is Thursday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m. The group will meet in the parking lot of Amberley Green.

Upcoming Important Meeting
Monday, October 17

Residents are invited to attend an information session regarding two separate ballot issues related to energy aggregation, Issue 7 for electric and Issue 8 for natural gas.

Join us in Council Chambers at 7:00 p.m. No registration required.

Read the energy mailing now, which will arrive in resident mailboxes soon.

Make a Difference Day

Drop off your old, worn out, grass-stained athletic shoes on Saturday, October 22 from 1-4 p.m. at Village Hall. Collection boxes will be located outside in the front parking lot. All parts of the shoes, except laces, will be recycled, ground up and made into outdoor playground mats by the Nike Corporation.

Also, gently worn adult or childrens’ shoes can be donated. Donations will be delivered to The Caring Place and the YWC Battered Womens Shelter (no high heels please). Donation receipts will not be given at this event.

Village Revenue Report

Village revenues have been negatively affected by a variety of factors. A combination of the full earnings tax credit, the State’s elimination of local tax sources, the economy and the reduced financial support from the State have significantly affected Village revenues. Council and Village staff will continue to be vigilant in identifying opportunities to contain expenses in order to continue the highest level of service in these challenging times. The Village is closely monitoring and reporting revenues as the 2012 Budget is being finalized.

As mentioned last month, the State Budget dealt a financial blow to Amberley Village by eliminating the inheritance tax and significantly decreasing revenue sharing from the State via the local government fund. The Village is also affected by declining property taxes, with a $17 million property value loss throughout the Village. The Auditor’s Office has notified the Village to expect less property tax revenue. For tax year 2010/collection year 2011, the total valuation in Amberley will be decreased by over 10%.  (This includes a 7% decrease for residential, 13% decrease for commercial and 9% decrease for industrial in addition to adjustments for the public utility value due to the Duke Energy appeal.) This decreases our total property value from $185 million to $168 million for tax year 2011/collection year 2012.

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Living with Wildlife – Coyotes

Amberley Village police recommend caution and ask you to keep these tips in mind to avoid an encounter with a coyote.

  • coyoteDo not leave food outside for pets or strays.
  • Keep ground clear of spillage from bird or squirrel feeders.
  • Store trash in securely covered heavy duty containers.
  • Keep yards free of brush that could serve as shelter.
  • Instruct children never to go near a coyote.
  • Best to wave arms and make noises to scare it away.
pumpkin full of candyLooking Ahead to Halloween

Trick or treating in the Village will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, October 31.