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January News

Mayor and Vice Mayor Selected

Tom MuethingThe Council’s first order of business for the 2015-2017 term was to select a Mayor and Vice Mayor to serve the duration of the council term.  




Natalie WolfAt its December 14 meeting, Council voted to re-appoint Mayor Tom Muething and Vice Mayor Natalie Wolf. Village Solicitor Kevin Frank conducted the oath of office.

Mayor Muething is serving his second term as Mayor and third term on council.  Vice Mayor Wolf is serving her third term as Vice Mayor and on council.  

To learn more about your elected officials, visit and click on Government & Administration, then Council & Committees. 

Calendar Events

January 11 Council Meeting 6:30 p.m.
January 18 Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Day                (Offices Closed)
January 25 ESC Meeting 7 p.m. 

Watch the December Council Meeting

December Council Meeting Highlights

Brush Pick-Up Resumed January 4

Example of good brush pileWith bulk leaf collection completed on December 31, the maintenance department resumed the highly valued brush collection service January 4.  Bring your brush piles to the curb!

Reviewing the brush guidelines can ensure the brush you set out is picked up and keeps our employees safe.  Materials mixed in with brush can cause costly damage to the Village’s chipper.  We appreciate your effort work together with us to provide the most efficient service possible to the community. 

Larry McGraw RecognitionRecognition of Planning Commission Member Larry McGraw

Council recognized Larry McGraw at its December 14 meeting for his dedication and time serving as a board member of the Village’s Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Mr. McGraw submitted his resignation effective December 31, 2015.  Council presented Mr. McGraw with a service plaque to show their appreciation for his contributions and commitment.  

Recognition of Council Member Bill Doering

At the January 11 meeting, Council plans to show their appreciation of Bill Doering’s service to the community as he submitted his resignation for personal reasons effective December 31, 2015.  Mr. Doering has served in the At-Large council seat for two council terms and was re-elected to serve a third term.  All are welcome to attend the January 11 meeting to wish Bill the best and thank him for his dedication to Amberley.

Scott Wolf Re-Appointed as Planning Commission/BZA Member

Scott WolfCouncil, at is December 14 meeting, unanimously re-appointed Scott Wolf to another four-year term as a board member of the Village’s Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.  Wolf has been serving in this position since 2008. 

A 31-year career as an attorney currently with Weisser & Wolf and professional association with the Cincinnati Jewish Community Center and Adath Israel Synagogue continue to benefit Amberley through his commitment to serving the community.

Open Seat for Council Member and Planning Commission Member

council chambersThe Village has two vacancies–one for a Council Member and one for a Planning Commission member.  Below are links to the vacancy announcements, the submission deadlines as well as a job description for each position. Questions can be directed to Village Manager Scot Lahrmer at 531-8675 or

Open Seat for Council Member
Deadline for Submissions is 4 p.m. January 15, 2016

Open Seat for Planning Commission Member
Deadline for Submissions is 4 p.m. January 20, 2016

Vacancy for Police-Fire Department Filled

Nick Mercer headshotPolice-Fire Officer Nick Mercer joined the Police-Fire Department on December 15, 2015.  Mercer was previously with the Hamilton County Park District and was sworn in at the December 14 council meeting. 

He will serve the dual role of performing fire fighting duties for the Village and will attend the Fire Academy in late February to receive state certification as a fire fighter.  The Police-Fire Department is pleased to introduce its newest hire to the community.

Healthy Home Series: Keep It Pest Free

This month the Environmental Stewardship Committee’s healthy home series is bringing awareness to keeping your home pest-free.

Home Cutaway

1. Make seasonal checks

Check your homes for areas that may be susceptible to entry by tiny animals. Even small cracks in the foundation or small holes in the roof can be an invitation to squirrels, mice and other animals and bugs to enter your home.

2. Remove any wood piles or debris

Small animals and insects often take shelter in moist and dark areas. Don’t allow soil or mulch to build up around the foundation. Firewood should be stored away from the home.

3. Trim tree limbs and branches near the home 

Animals like squirrels and raccoons can scurry across them to make their way into your attic. Hiring a tree service company to cut back overhanging limbs can remove a possible point of entry.

4. Seal holes or openings in windows and doors

Make sure they are properly sealed and caulked to prevent entry from small critters and insects.

5. Secure containers indoors and outdoors

Make sure garbage cans and recycling bins are sealed and placed away from the house. If you compost, consider doing so in a closed-top bin, and keep it as far from your home as possible.

6. Clean the kitchen

Clear food from all surfaces, clean dishes every night, and sweep floors of crumbs. To pests, your kitchen could be perceived as a buffet.

7. If Pests are Found

If pests are found, use sticky-traps and baits in closed containers, along with least toxic pesticides such as boric acid powder. In case of more severe problems, consult a professional licensed pest control service.