The Hamilton County Police Association (HCPA) consists of 43 police departments and numerous non-police contributors that are considered associate members. The HCPA funds the Hamilton County SWAT Team, Underwater Search and Recovery Team, and Honor Guard, which serves current and retired officers at funerals as a color guard, pall bearers, buglers, and by standing guard at coffins. These teams are funded from annual dues, fundraisers and member attendance at the HCPA meetings.

Village officers currently on these teams are:

  • Chris Fritsch and Mark Roeseler – Underwater Search and Recovery
  • Mike Koenig – SWAT Team and Honor Guard

The HCPA holds a social meeting once a month at different police locations to report on the involvement of the association. The HCPA monthly meetings are social functions that unite the police agencies in providing better working relationships.

Amberley is also represented on the following groups: