DispatchAmberley’s 911 system is designed to provide the most personal level of service possible to residents. The Public Safety Department operates an Enhanced 911 System, so all 911 calls made from a location in Amberley are answered by Village dispatchers. Many times, callers know the officer or dispatcher who answers the phone, and are reassured by this familiarity.

Wireless (cell phone) 911 calls made in the Village and some areas around it are answered by Amberley dispatchers. Any 911 calls that request assistance outside Amberley Village are then transferred to the proper jurisdiction.

The Village has four civilian dispatchers who are trained in many areas. Each dispatcher attends a 40-hour Basic Telecommunications class, a 24-hour Emergency Medical Dispatch class, CPR classes and in-service training. All police officers are also trained as 911 dispatchers.

Amberley has operated a Communications Center since its inception in 1941. In 1988, Amberley became a 911 Center along with five other municipalities in Hamilton County. The 911 system has been periodically updated, and is currently being updated for Phase II operations. The Phase II improvements will assist dispatchers in locating an approximate area, within 100 yards, where a wireless (cell phone) 911 call may be originating from. Amberley Village today is one of four Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in Hamilton County. The others are:

  • City of Cincinnati
  • Hamilton County Communications Center
  • Norwood