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June News & Updates

Amberley Streets Receive “G” Rating

The Village Engineer, CDS Associates, was engaged by Council to perform an in-depth study of the surface improvements along our roadways.  The study provides basic statistics of our roadways, condition ratings, and cost to maintain and repair/rehabilitate all 67 plus lane-miles of public streets in Amberley.  As part of this study, CDS developed a database that will serve the Village for many years.

Section RoadThe study found that 68% of our street inventory is in Good condition, 17% is in Fair condition, 15% rated in Poor condition and none were rated as Failed.  These ratings speak volumes in regards to the Maintenance Department’s preventive maintenance efforts, the Village Engineer’s superior specifications for lasting road repairs and the Village Staff and Council’s stewardship of the infrastructure managed over the years within the constraints of often austere budgets.

The Village’s Maintenance Department supplied a wealth of historical data related to the Village streets to the Village Engineer’s office for review and consideration.  This data, coupled with field inspections and real-time infrastructure evaluations, produced the information from which a ‘living’ database with embedded formulas was produced.  This database, supplied with current pricing structures and updated field conditions, will be capable of rating the conditions of the pavement, proximate curbs and roadside improvements along with estimating the cost to maintain and repair this important infrastructure for many years to come.

This powerful tool will help the Village plan for sustainable infrastructure repair and maintenance programs.  Additionally, this information will play a key role in the capital sector of the Financial Sustainability Plan currently being developed.

Through a combination of preventive maintenance and rehabilitation programs, the Village has and will continue the legacy of caring for the largest capital investment the Village owns, its infrastructure.

Calendar Events

June 10 Council Meeting 6:30 p.m.
June 24 ESC Meeting 7:30 p.m.

Watch the May Council Meeting
Council meetings can also be watched on Time Warner Cable Channel 4 on Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays at 10 a.m.

Are You Watching Council on Time Warner?

The Village is interested in gauging residents’ preference to watch council meetings playback on Time Warner Cable.  It is prudent for the Village to consider its saturation level to ensure it is maximizing the use of tax dollars toward this service.

It costs approximately $22,000 annually for the Village to have video recordings of the council meetings produced and made available on Time Warner Cable.

As the Village considers this cost, please let us know what you think.  Email your comments to  

Deer Survey Active Through June

Residents are encouraged to share their experiences of living with deer in the Village. A community survey is available at and will be active through June.

Residents Continue Saving on Electric

Voters approved aggregation in November 2011 and since the electric aggregation program was implemented in April 2012, customers in the Village have saved money. During the 7 months of the program in 2012, residents saved $227,000. For the first quarter of 2013, customers have saved $35,000 with a per kilowatt hour rate of $0.0455.  New residents or those who may want to enjoy the savings can contact the Village electric aggregator, DP&L Energy Care at 1-888-674-3753.

Sycamore Township Residents Approve JEDZ

In May, Sycamore Township voters passed Issue 7 regarding the proposed Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) which allows Amberley and the Township to enter into an agreement to enhance development opportunities and share services.  Issue 7 passed by 81% with 1,275 votes cast by Sycamore Township residents. Amberley has begun preparing for the enactment of the .75%earnings tax effective October 1, 2013.  Ten percent of the funds collected will be allocated to Amberley Village.

The zone, referred to as the Southwest District, would include commercial development within Sycamore Township primarily west of Kenwood Road, east of Silver Crest Drive, south of Orchard Lane and north of the I-71 entrance ramp.  This includes only property zoned for retail and office within Sycamore Township.

One Stop Drop – Thanks for Recycling!

Shoe Recycling ContainersThe Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) organized a community wide recycling event on May 19.   Over a 4-hour period, a steady stream of 325 plus vehicles representing residents, businesses, members of local organizations and surrounding neighborhoods dropped off recyclables. One Stop Drop collected over 18 tons of household electronics, paper and shoes diverting these items from the landfill.  The recyclers properly disposed of, re-purposed and recycled the materials collected. 

CohenUSA packed a large truck with pallets of household electronics weighing over 9 tons, of which 79% was old home equipment, TVs, printers and computers. 

Paper Shredding:
Within the first 1 ½ hours the Safe Shred truck filled with 7,500 pounds of paper and nearly reached capacity a second time collecting a total of 6.95 tons of shredded paper for recycling. 

The Girl Scouts estimated 1,700 pairs of “reusable” shoes filled 71 large garbage bags.  The shoes are being donated to Cincinnati Public School’s Homeless Student program, Ballroom Dance Recital program, Rockdale Prep. Academy Clothes Closet program (Over the Rhine), SOTENI, International-Kenya, Africa; First Step Home (E. Walnut Hills), The Caring Place (Kennedy Hts.), and the Nike Grind Program.

Amberley Village directly benefits from the 18 tons collected and diverted from the landfill. The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District divides $1,050,000 annually in Residential Recycling Incentive (RRI) funds among Hamilton County communities as an incentive to increase recycling.  As a community increases their recycling rate and tons of materials collected, the community receives more RRI funds.  In 2012, Amberley’s recycling rate was 21.04% with 395.29 tons recycled.  This event brings Amberley closer to its goal of increasing its recycling rate to 25%.

Grant Provided Helmets for Bike Safety Fair

With summer under way, more than 125 children are better equipped to navigate their bikes on the streets of Amberley Village, thanks to a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Week.

Bike CourseThe event, held April 28 at the Amberley Village Police-Fire Department, highlighted the importance of bike safety rules children need to know to stay safe while riding their bikes. Some topics covered included rules of the road, how to look back and navigate for traffic and how to make sure their bikes are safe to ride.

Chief Rich Wallace concluded that it was a great day and the kids had a blast.  The re-creation of a small town with streets and plenty of signage gave a real life perspective.

This event was funded by proceeds from a grant the police department received as well as donations from Wal-Mart and Target.  Fast Wheels Bike Shop in Norwood set up a station to do bike safety inspections as well.
Bike Safety Course“The free helmets handed out at this event will help reduce the risk of injuries among these children,” said Officer Alt.

After completing their safety lessons, kids practiced on the obstacle course and received tickets to participate in a drawing for four donated bikes.  To top off the day each child received a bike safety t-shirt and ice cream provided by Nancy Raeisi of Amberley Village.

The Amberley Village Police Department thanks all of the employees and the volunteers that participate to make this such a successful event.  Helmets are still at the Amberley Village Police Department, contact Officer Andrea Alt at (513) 531-2040.

Experts Shared Self-Defense Skills

Self DefenseThe police department and the Mayerson JCC co-sponsored a self-defense class given by Debbie and Mike Gardner of the Survive Institute. The seminar, held in April, provided invaluable courage-based tips for survival during an attack, strikes needed against an assailant, tips that don’t work, and life-saving tools for children as well.  The format of the seminar was very dynamic and interactive. 

Audience volunteers play the role of thief or attacker while Debbie Gardner (pictured right) shows the step-by-step instruction of defense skills in a given situation.

Home Security While on Vacation

When you go on vacation this summer, the Police Department can direct special attention to your home while you are away.  For your convenience, you may notify the department via fax, phone or email.  Call 531-2040 or visit and click on Resident Services.

Mailboxes Present Easy Theft Target

Leaving mail sticking out of your mailbox or putting the red flag up on your box alerts not only the postal carrier, but also any would-be thief looking for potential targets.

With identity theft being such a commonly reported crime, you should not leave your outgoing bill payments in your home mailbox for pickup.  That type of mail should be taken to the post office or handed directly to a postal carrier.

Other safety tips on mail include:

  • When reordering checks, request the ones designed to make alterations difficult.
  • When writing checks, use pens with ink that doesn’t dissolve easily.  Thieves can use chemicals to erase the names and amounts written on checks.
  • Promptly remove mail after delivery to your home mailbox.
  • Hold delivery of mail if you plan to be out of town.  You can order a mail hold at a post office or online at

If you see someone other than a letter carrier take items out of a mailbox, call the Amberley Village Police at 531-2040 right away.