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July News & Updates

Compliance Modifications Begin on Dam
Prior to the Village purchasing the Amberley Green property, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) found deficiencies in the dam structure and ordered “required remedial measures” to be completed by the property owners, the Crest Hills Country Club.  These orders had been noted in the 2000 Dam Safety Report issued after the safety inspection however, were not implemented. AG Dam Before Modifications 2

(Aerial of the Amberley Green dam)

The Village assumed those responsibilities when it purchased the property in 2008 and has until January 2015 to bring the dam into compliance with the current standards.  The Village had requested an extension of the deadline to allow for the planning of the future development of the site, but the request was denied.

The Streets, Public Utilities & Sewers Committee received conceptual estimates for three options to either reconstruct or modify the dam in order to comply with ODNR’s requirements.  The costs ranged from figures in excess of $1 million dollars for the reconstruction scenario to $340,000 for the modification scenario.

The options available to the Village included:

1) Rebuilding the dam to meet the current standards;    

2) Modifying the dam to gain exemption from the current regulations; or

3) Removing the dam entirely and reestablishing the natural stream. 

The Streets, Public Utilities & Sewers Committee recommended and Council approved the scenario that would modify the existing dam structure to the non-regulated status thereby removing the dam from ODNR’s jurisdiction. The Village received four bids on the project and the lowest and best bid was submitted by Ford Development in the amount of $338,670. The dam modification will include lowering the height of the dam, replacement of the primary spillway and control structure, plunge pool, and emergency spillway. 

Work will begin this summer and conclude prior to the October 10 completion deadline.  While the dam is under construction, areas near the dam, including portions of the walking trails, will be fenced off and closed to public access.

Calendar Events

July 4 Independence Day – Office Closed
July 7 Board of Zoning Appeals – Canceled
July 14 Council Meeting 6:30 p.m.
July 28 ESC Meeting 7 p.m.

Watch the June Council Meeting
Council meetings can also be watched on Time Warner Cable Channel 4 on Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays at 10 a.m.

June Council Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Events

Ice Cream Social, August 24 at 6 p.m.
Join your neighbors for this annual event to meet residents, police/fire officers, enjoy water and safety activities with the kids, and socialize over a cool dipped ice cream cone!

Connect with the Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) at the Ice Cream Social to learn about activities and programs including:

  • The “Taking Root” campaign which is a tree planting program across the Greater Cincinnati area. Vouchers for $25 off trees from Natorp’s will be available.
  • Can you do minor tree maintenance?  Join the “Adopt a Grove” initiative and help maintain the groves of beautiful trees at Amberley Green. The focus is on removing the underbrush from trees.
  • A tour of the dam at Amberley Green and the construction work on this dam is tentatively scheduled for September 11. 
  • Talk with a representative from “The Green Umbrella” to learn about this organization’s dedication to environmental sustainability and its initiatives to improve the quality of life around Cincinnati.

Ball Field Maintenance

ballfield dirt added cropped(1)The Maintenance Department performs weekly maintenance on the fields throughout the summer months to smooth the playing surface and prevent weed growth. In May, the Village contracted with Team All Sports to refurbish the upper field which included 60 tons of infield mix to level the playing surface along with a top layer of soil that will help the surface dry quicker.  

The Department has also begun lawn treatments on the infield to control weeds and thicken the grass. Plans for over-seeding the infield will take place this fall.

Dogs At-Large

This time of year there are many windows open and we find ourselves spending time out in the yard, dogs included. While letting dogs stay outside for longer periods of time, please be cognizant of what they are doing. 

Pet owners are required to make sure that the dog stays on the owner’s property and does not stray into the public streets or a neighboring property. 

If a dog goes beyond its property, the dog must be on a leash with someone of adequate age and physical capabilities that can maintain reasonable control.  A “Dog At-Large” citation can be issued for this violation.  Just because a dog is nice does not mean that other people won’t be afraid it, please be courteous. 

The “Loud Dogs” ordinance states, “…that no person shall own, or harbor any dog that disturbs the peace by barking, yelping, howling or making other loud noises to the discomfort of any person.”   If this behavior continues for 15 consecutive minutes, whether confined inside the house or the outside area, then a violation exists which could be cited. 

Pet owners are encouraged to take the necessary steps to make sure their dogs are safe and good neighbors. Dogs with some basic obedience training are less likely to roam from the property. Consider spay or neutering your dog, along with licensing them, and having a good collar and ID tags. Many times police officers can unite a lost dog with an owner before the animal needs impounded.

Grant Provided Helmets for Bike Safety Fair

Child wearing a bike helmetWith summer underway, the children who attend this year’s Bike Safety Fair are better equipped to navigate their bikes on the streets of Amberley Village, thanks to a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The event, held June 22 at the Amberley Village Police/Fire Department, highlighted the importance of bike safety rules children need to know to stay safe while riding their bikes. Some topics covered included rules of the road, how to look back and navigate for traffic and how to make sure their bikes are safe to ride.

Children began the event with a bicycle safety class which included a video on the importance of wearing your helmet.  Children’s Hospital attended and assisted with helmet fittings.  The re-creation of a small town with streets and plenty of signage gave a real life perspective and bikes were inspected and tuned-up for safety. Paul Baxter with Cincinnati Bicycle Company set up a station to do the bike tune-ups.  During the rodeo, fire explorers made sure each child stopped at all stop signs and looked both ways before entering the intersection.  Children were also taught to stop at all railroad tracks, dismount their bike, and walk it across the tracks. 


bike townAfter completing their safety lessons, kids practiced on the obstacle course and received tickets to participate in a drawing for a bike. To top off the day each child received a bike safety t-shirt, water bottles and helmets.

This event was funded by proceeds from a grant the police department received as well as 2 bike donations from Target which were raffled.  

The Amberley Village Police/Fire Department thanks all of the employees and the volunteers that participated to make this such a successful event.

Fireworks Not Permitted in Amberley

The Amberley Village Police/Fire Department would like to remind residents that fireworks are illegal in the Village.  Village Code Section 92.31(B) states that, “…no person shall discharge, ignite, or explode any fireworks in this municipality.” 

Fireworks Safety Tips

Handling fireworks as a consumer poses a great risk for accidental injuries, severe burns and harm to others, accidental fires and property damage, and even death in some cases.  As shown above, even the temperature of a sparkler reaches levels most would not expect.

Trained professionals throughout the tri-state area organize and conduct fireworks displays for all to enjoy.  The Amberley Village Police/Fire Department urges residents to refrain from discharging fireworks this July 4th and seek out a professionally organized fireworks display to safely commemorate this Independence Day.


}}}  Be safe. If you want to see fireworks, go to a public show put on by experts.
}}}  Do not use consumer fireworks.
}}}  Keep a close eye on children at events where fireworks are used.
}}}  To report use of illegal fireworks call the police at 531-2040.

Power Outage Protocols

During power outages, residents should call Duke Energy at 1 (800) 543-5599 to report the loss of electrical power.  Contact the Amberley Village Police/Fire Department to report live wires on the ground or sparks. It is important to keep the department’s phone lines open for persons in need of medical or emergency assistance during an electrical outage. 

Officers on the road depend upon the dispatchers, who are the persons answering the phone, to perform many essential duties.  While the Department prides itself in delivering the best public safety service to the community, assistance from residents is needed during power outages to refrain from reporting electric outages to the department which will help keep the dispatchers and officers focused on emergency response during an outage.

Electric Aggregation Update

Beginning with the June meter read, residents participating in the Village’s electric aggregation program were transitioned back to Duke Energy.  There is no action for residents to take at this time.  The Village’s energy broker, Eagle Energy,  has sent the electric request for proposals (RFP) to eleven potential suppliers and has requested responses from AEP, APG&E, Constellation, Direct Energy, DP&L, Duke Retail, First Energy, Glacial Energy, IGS, North American Power, and NRG.

Residents will remain a Duke Energy customer until an offer is received that would generate a discount for the electric rate when compared to Duke’s Price-To-Compare (PTC).  It may be some months until a suitable offer becomes available because of current market conditions.

In the meantime, if residents want to take this opportunity to personally shop the electric market, you can go to a state website for an apples to apples comparison of electric suppliers,

Quarterly Taxes Due

Now that Amberley Village Taxes for 2013 are filed (or an extension has been filed) don’t forget about quarterly estimates for 2014. If a 2013 extension was filed, those returns are due October 15, 2014. If you have not filed a return or extension, late penalties apply.

If you have filed a 2013 return and made a declaration of estimates for 2014 you will receive a page of payment slips for the balance of year. These will be sent during the first week of July.  If you have any questions call the Amberley Village Tax Office (513) 531-0130.

Estimate Payment Schedule

Second Quarter

Due July 30, 2014

Third Quarter

Due October 31, 2014

Fourth Quarter

Due January 31, 2015