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July News & Updates

Amberley Continues to THRIVE!

Amberley Village was awarded a $24,000 Community Wellness mini-grant by We THRIVE!, Hamilton County Public Health, and the CDC. After being awarded the grant in October,  Amberley set about an evaluation process with the end result being improved access to healthy, local food and increased and enhanced options for physical activity for our residents. 

bridge buildingOn Friday, June 22nd, if you drove past the northeast corner of Ridge and Galbraith Roads, you may have seen the dedication ceremony for the Amberley Bridge and Trail in French Park. This We THRIVE! funded project is designed to increase physical activity options for those who already use the Amberley Village walking track.  A sign and a crosswalk will direct users to the new trail across the street at French Park. Once there, users can cross a newly-built bridge to access more trails in French Park.  The bridge itself was built and installed by a cooperative agreement between the Cincinnati Park Board, Amberley Village, Israel Scouts from Netanya, Israel, and Mayor Mallory Summer Green Leaf Jobs program.  Building the bridge took on symbolic elements as the two groups of teens from different countries and cultures worked cooperatively to bridge the creek as well as bridge the culture gap that separated them. 

Byar Bridge BuildingMayor Byar presented the teens with a proclamation declaring Friday, June 22, 2012, as Tzofim Israel Scouts and Greenleaf Day in Amberley Village.

Another We THRIVE! funded project that has inspired additional project involvement is the Amberley Green Community Garden. The garden was designed to improve resident access to local, healthy food and to create an increased sense of community. 

One young resident and aspiring Eagle Scout, Will Jackson, saw a need for gardeners to have a rest area. He approached the We THRIVE! working group with plans for a garden seating area situated under three shade trees, just steps from the Amberley Garden.  With $1,000 in grant money and help from many hands and Boy Scout Troop #6, Will and his family and friends designed and installed an outdoor living room, complete with stepping stones and bird feeders that will entice any user of Amberley Green or gardener in the Amberley Green Garden to “Take a Break.”  Will was recognized at the Bridge Dedication and will be recognized again at the Garden Dedication on August 19th.

Two final We THRIVE! Community Wellness projects are in the works. By the end of July, four fitness stations will be installed along the Amberley walking track adjacent to Village Hall. Otherwise known as Par course equipment, the sit-up station, pull-up station, bench press station, and push-up station will enhance the fitness options available in Amberley Village and will be a permanent improvement to our track.

And finally, Metro has been asked to review public transportation options within Amberley. Currently, Amberley is not served by any Metro route, despite having several businesses within Amberley, including the Mayerson JCC which is one of our largest employers and serves as a hub for seniors who might like the independence a bus route would give them.  If a route is approved for Amberley, look for a shelter and a bench at the new bus stop.

Calendar Events

July 5 Green Clearing Event 6:30 p.m.
July 9 Council Meeting 6:30 p.m.
July 9 Public Hearings:
2013 Tax Budget 6:30 p.m.
North Site Zoning District 7 p.m.
July 18 Mayor’s Court 5 p.m.

July 23 ESC Meeting 7:30 p.m.

Watch the June Council Meeting
Council meetings can also be watched on Time Warner Cable Channel 4 on Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays at 10 a.m.

Public Hearings July 9

2013 Tax Budget: The Amberley Village Council will hold a public hearing on July 9 at 7 p.m. at Village Hall in Council Chambers to receive public input regarding the proposed 2013 Tax Budget.

North Site District Regulations: The Amberley Village Council will hold a public hearing on July 9 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall in Council Chambers to conduct the second reading of the proposed North Site District Regulations and receive public input.

Ice Cream Social – August 19

The Amberley Village Ice Cream Social will be held on August 19 from 6-8 p.m. at Village Hall. 

NEW THIS YEAR! Teens get their art on: Sidewalk Chalk Art.  Jr. High and High School teens must submit proposals to Village Hall no later than Friday August 10.  Must be available August 19 to do the drawing and have it finished by 5 p.m.

Children’s art show for Amberley children of all ages.  Bring submissions to Ice Cream Social by 6 p.m. for display.  Children’s bike parade at 6:45 p.m.  Bike decorations encouraged.

Residents can also visit the Recycle Table to enter to win a red recycle bin or a large green recycle bin on wheels, donated by Rumpke.

Recycle and Used Shoe Drop-Off
August 19 from 10 a.m. to Noon

shoesPlease drop off your old, unwanted athletic and mens shoes in the front parking lot of Village Hall on August 19 from 10 a.m. to noon.

Paper shredding will be available to Village residents.  Large cardboard and magazines also accepted. 

Celebrate Village Landscape
Amberley Village 2012 Garden and Landscape Awards

The Amberley Village Environmental Stewardship Committee continues to celebrate their annual garden and landscape awards this summer.  Please submit nominations for appreciation of your or your neighbors’ landscape. Nominations should include the following information:

Amberley Village Garden Award Logo(1) the name and address of the residence,
(2) a brief description of the nomination, and identification of owner created or contractor created development, and
(3) photographs of the garden and/or landscape. Photographs must be submitted in PDF or JPEG format only. 

Nominations should be sent via email to  Nominations begin immediately.  Deadline for submission is July 13th.   The award ceremony for the winners will be conducted at the 2012 Ice Cream Social.   


Village Collaboration

The Village, like most local governments in Ohio, is feeling financial distress due to lost revenue from the State of Ohio, deflated property values generating less property tax, and the economic conditions which have not been favorable to political jurisdictions. The communities of Silverton, Deer Park and Amberley Village have been discussing how the three communities might be able to work together to realize greater efficiencies.  All three local governments are interested in maintaining their own identity while constraining their costs in order to solidify their sustainability.

While efficiency and effectiveness in Amberley has been a cornerstone of our service delivery, we must take further action and explore collaborating with adjacent communities to find areas of efficiencies. Residents voted for an additional source of revenue by approving the police levy on March 6, although funding the level of services residents expect and appreciate exceeds our resources.  Amberley Village has engaged in lean government and cost cutting measures as a means to solve our financial situation, however, there may be savings potential in working together with Silverton and Deer Park. After discussion between the three municipalities, we have all agreed that engaging the services of an outside firm to identify our options was the preferred path.  This collaboration study will look at the feasibility of sharing services, facilities, equipment and/or personnel all in an effort to withstand additional financial challenges while still delivering services to residents.

Management Partners, a professional management consulting firm that specializes in helping local governments improve effectiveness and streamline operations, has been chosen for this analysis. They will identify the cost/benefits of implementing shared modes of service delivery and determining the degree of difficulty in reaching those objectives. Management Partners has been engaged to provide this analysis at a cost of $13,950 with each of the three communities responsible for $4,650.

The Village looks forward to working with Management Partners in identifying further ways to work with Silverton and Deer Park. We are appreciative of being able to join together and explore ways to continue to deliver quality services and facilitate service sharing discussions among our three communities. 

Preventing Thefts from Vehicles 

Vehicle break-ins are a nationally common crime, and Amberley Village is not immune to this issue. In recent months, there has been a rash of thefts from vehicles throughout Hamilton County – including a few incidents in the Village. Thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity. The average time a thief takes to steal items from a vehicle is less than 20 seconds. However, here are several things that you can do to protect yourself from having your vehicles broken into and your personal items taken:

  • LOCK YOUR CAR whenever you leave it unattended.
  • Don’t leave windows partially open. (even during extremely warm temperatures)
  • Don’t leave valuables in sight.  Briefcases, purses, computers, gym bags and change are all tempting to a thief.
  • Take valuables with you, or lock them in your trunk before you reach your destination.
  • Don’t leave your garage remote in plain sight.
  • GPS units should be taken down (always wipe off the suction cup ring on your windshield – that ring is a dead giveaway that there is a unit in the vehicle). Also, take the entire unit with you, including the mount.
  • Park vehicles in your secured garage whenever possible.
  • Record all serial numbers and descriptions of items regularly transported in your vehicle including cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, and iPods.
  • Report any suspicious person and activity. Be aware of your surroundings.
Property Maintenance

Amberley Village is known for its beautiful, well maintained homes in a serene setting.  In 2007, Amberley Village adopted the Property Maintenance Code in order to help maintain the standard for which Village homes have come to be known.  Each spring, as winter wears off and we’re able to get outside and better see our homes and lawns, the same few problems are reported:  high grass, peeling paint, cracked driveways/walkways, and toys/trash strewn about the yard.  As a reminder, please note the following policies:      

  • Grass and noxious weeds must not exceed 10 inches in height.
  • Peeling, flaking and chipped paint must be eliminated and surfaces repainted.
  • All walkways and driveways must be maintained in a proper state and free from hazardous conditions.
  • Garbage cans can only be placed at the curb 24 hours in advance of collection and must be removed promptly afterwards.  Consider having a neighbor help you with this while out of town.
  • No toys, recreational or sports equipment may be stored in the front yard of any premises for a period in excess of 72 hours (this also applies to boats).

For a complete copy of the Property Maintenance Code, visit  The Village, and your neighbors, appreciates everyone’s help in maintaining these beautiful properties.

Zoning Permits

The Village is experiencing a building boom this year!  Don’t forget to apply for a zoning permit for work you intend to do before work commences. Permits from the Village are free and usually have a 7-10 day turn around after submission.  Sheds, fences, new construction, pools (above and in ground) all need permits.  In kind replacements such as: shingles, windows, and siding do not require a zoning permit – check with Hamilton County regarding a building permit, though.  If you’re not sure whether or not your project needs a permit, call the administration offices at 531-8675 and just ask!  Visit for submission guidelines.

Amberley Safety Tips During Drought Conditions

Our current dry conditions have increased the risk of fire. It is essential that everyone should be especially cautious and to be aware of simple things that can potentially cause dangerous fires.

Please share this information with neighbors and others you know to prevent the risk of a fire.

fire riskStatistics show that less than 10 percent of all wildfires are started by weather, such as lightning. Actually more than 90 percent are started by careless acts of people and arsonists. Please take the extra time to utilize good fire safety practices.

Safety tips during this dry season to reduce the chances of fire include:

While you are on the road:  

  • Do not discard cigarettes from moving vehicles; use ashtrays. With the conditions we have now, lit cigarettes do cause fires and can be disastrous in times of drought and high fire risk.
  • When pulling off the side of the road, stay off of dry grass areas. Park vehicles so that the exhaust does not come in contact with dry grass, leaves or weeds. 
  • Adjust the safety chains on your trailers to ensure they don’t drag and create sparks that can cause roadside fires.

At home:

  • Avoid cooking outdoors during this drought season. If you do cook, never leave barbeque grills unattended. Place your grill on concrete or your driveway away from your home or any structures. If using charcoal or wood, make sure that the fire has been extinguished by soaking it with a garden hose before disposing of the coals.
  • Completely douse fire pits  and barbeques using plenty of water.  Stir and add more water until everything is wet and there is no steam being produced.  Just covering a fire with dirt can leave it smoldering.
  • Check lawnmowers and yard equipment for properly working spark arresters.
  • Check your mulch to make sure that it does not cover your landscaping lights, the dry mulch can catch fire.
  • Move anything that will burn far away from structures, items like firewood, compost piles, brush piles, etc.
  • Notify the electric company when dead trees or overhanging limbs endanger the electric wires.

Fireworks Safety:

  • Fireworks will easily ignite grass or wooded areas and should only be lit in areas free of vegetation.
  • Setting off fireworks on public property is prohibited without proper authorization.
  • The use of fireworks in Amberley Village is prohibited unless issued a permit.

Fire Safety for you:   

  • Practice fire safety with your family. If you see suspicious fire or smoke, call 911.  
  • Clearly mark driveway entrances with address and street names.
  • Plan escape routes away from your home by car and foot.  Have a meeting place with your family.