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Distracted Driving

Cell phone and Stop SignThe Amberley Village Police-Fire Department reminds us that staying alert while driving requires your full attention and any activity that diverts your attention away from the primary task of driving is a distraction. 

All distractions can quickly become the cause of an accident that causes injury to you as the driver, your family or friends as passengers, and the general public as pedestrians and bystanders.

Distractions include:

  • Texting
  • Using a cell phone or smartphone
  • Eating and drinking
  • Talking to passengers
  • Grooming
  • Reading, including maps
  • Using a navigation system
  • Watching a video
  • Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player

The Village recently experienced an unfortunate vehicle-pedestrian accident at Section and Elbrook.  The driver in this case struck the pedestrian crossing in the crosswalk.  The pedestrian was also wearing a reflective belt and crossing at the appropriate time.   

police patchWhile accidents do happen, it is important for everyone to think about others on the roadway, children on bikes, pedestrians, joggers and motorcycles. Please slow down, be cautious and pay attention.  

Pedestrian Safety

Interested in continuing the conversation about pedestrian safety in Amberley Village?

The Health, Education & Welfare Committee plans to meet quarterly this year to discuss the topic. Subscribe to receive email notifications of Meeting Notices.

Calendar Events

February 9 Council Meeting 6:30 pm
February 16 President’s Day – Offices Closed
February 23 Environmental Stewardship 

Watch the January Council Meeting

January Council Meeting Highlights

Holiday Trash & Recycling Schedule

Residents can expect regular service from Rumpke during the week of February 16.
No delays are scheduled due to the federal holiday.

Income Tax Postcard

Residents will receive a postcard mailer from the tax office soon with instructions for filing onlineOnline electronic filing completely calculates your return for you.  Input your W-2, 1099 or schedule information and it will also calculate credit for other cities paid.  The calculation will show any carry forward credit or paid estimated payments. 

Once completed, simply print the form, attach supporting documents (including Federal 1040 page one) then mail or drop off to the tax office at 7149 Ridge Road, or fax to 531-8154, or email. You can also e-file your 2014 extension. Tax returns and extensions must be filed by April 15 to avoid penalties. Questions?  Call Patty Meiers at 531-0130.

One Stop Drop – Amberley Recycles

WHEN:  March 29, 2015 from 12-4 p.m.
WHERE: Amberley Green, 7801 Ridge Road

Residents can drive through to drop off electronics, paper for confidential shredding, and gently used kitchen items (packaged for transporting (boxed, padded).

View full listing of Acceptable Itemsold tvs
Have something to recycle that’s not listed? Visit for additional outlets.

Police Training – Shoot/Don’t Shoot

JUFS use of force simulatorThe Amberley Village Police-Fire Department is one of the original members of the shared Judgemental Use of Force Training System (JUFTS).  The training program is designed to help police officers improve both the speed and quality of their “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” decisions. Central to the training is the use of a Firearms Training Simulator, an interactive, life-size screen video simulator which is programmed with hundreds of scenarios drawn from real cases. The officers are armed with a weapon retrofitted with a laser.  If the officer does fire his/her weapon, the screen will show the officer’s judgment, accuracy and reaction time to the threat.  This system uses a point-of-view photography technique, to show the scenario from the officer’s point of view. 

use of force pictureThis equipment allows trainers to present trainees with use of force situations in a protected environment that lets them react, then observe and analyze the results of their actions.  Amberley Village has been utilizing this training technique for 18 years, along with fifteen other communities, in coordination with the Center for Local Government (CLG), and believes the system has enhanced training and is invaluable for the officers and public safety.  

Celebrating 75 Years – Village History Trivia

Save the Date!
August 16

Amberley Village 75th Anniversary Celebration
Details coming soon!

Interested in volunteering? 
Contact Mayor Muething

To kick-off the fun in celebration of the Village’s 75th anniversary this year, resident Mitzi Miller will test your knowledge with a monthly trivia question about the Village’s history.  Follow along each month for new history questions and answers that will be shared to learn interesting facts about the Village, its formation and people. 

History Book

Trivia Question #1:
When was Amberley Village incorporated?

Trivia Question #2:
Who named Amberley Village and why?

The answers can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page or by referencing the Village’s history book–click the photo to view online. 

Winter Yard Work

winter view yard workWinter is a good time to inspect your landscape and make plans for the coming spring.

A tree without leaves provides a better view of rubbing branches, splits in the trunk and branches due to storms, and decayed areas. If a decayed area is noticed in a tree, contact a certified Arborist to inspect the tree to be sure it is safe. This is a good time to correct these problems before they grow into larger problems.

In winter a damaged area will seep sap and you will notice a wet area on the bark.  In freezing weather, an icicle may hang from the split. If the split occurs in the branch, often the branch can be removed, but if the split occurs on the trunk then the trunk may need to be pinned.

Winter is a good time to evaluate the view out of your favorite window. Take notice now of what improvements you can make to enhance the “winter look.” In spring you may want to plant evergreens or trees with fruit that will add to your winter view.

Permits First

Thinking now about plans for a new shed, fence or home addition this spring?  Permits are required for most home improvement projects on your property and must be obtained prior to the start of construction.  To get started, visit and click on Forms and Documents to review the zoning approval permit guidelines.   

Response to Winter Storms

The Amberley Village Maintenance Department has continued its responsiveness to winter storms this season and has kept Village streets clear and passable for the residents and general public.  Accurate weather forecasts, pretreatment of the roads, outside temperature, equipment breakdowns, salt availability and parked cars all affect the ability to clear the roads.  Crews appreciate your patience this winter as they clear the roads as quickly as possible.  For more about the Village’s snow removal procedures, visit and click on Resident Services.

snow removal stats info graphic

Coyote Sightings Prevalent in Winter

coyote odnr info cardAccording to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), the cold and snowy weather likely forces local coyotes to hunt, even during the daylight, resulting in increased sightings.  Cold temperatures keep the typical prey of rabbits and squirrels hidden.  January through March is also mating season, which is generally an active time of year for coyotes.

Coyotes are wild animals with a natural fear of humans.  If they become habituated and lose that fear of humans, they become less likely to flee from human encounters.  The availability of food will determine the range and movements of coyotes, so it is important that garbage, composts, or loose pets do not provide a viable food source within neighborhoods.  If you are concerned about your pets, monitor their activity especially during February and April.  Click the picture above for ODNR’s coyote quick facts.

Suburban Wildlife Lecture

coyoteThe Amberley Village Environmental Stewardship Committee will host Dr. Janet Clem, DVM who will discuss challenges residents face in their backyards that serve as habitats for deer, coyote, fox, fowl and other wildlife.

After the presentation, residents will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Clem questions about wildlife issues in their own backyard. The lecture is scheduled for Monday, March 2 at 7 p.m. in the Community Room at the Amberley Village Municipal Building.  No registration required.   View the ESC spring events flyer

Community Garden Plots

community gardenGreen thumbs interested in a 9 x 15 foot garden plot for the 2015 season can express interest by emailing
Plots not renewed by last season’s gardeners will be available to new gardeners. Annual plot rental fee is $50. 

View Garden Application, Calendar & Guide

Make the Mill Creek Great Again!

Mill Creek Water Shed LogoAmberley residents, businesses and local officials are welcome to participate in the upcoming strategic plan update process to provide feedback on how to improve the Mill Creek. The Village is situated in the middle and lower Mill Creek watersheds which is shown on the map in the Mill Creek Strategic Plan Factsheet.

Trivia Answers:

History BookTrivia Question #1: 
When was Amberley Village incorporated?
Answer:  April 5, 1940

Trivia Question #2: 
Who named Amberley Village and why?
Answer:  Herbert French named the Village after his favorite vacation site Amberley, England.  It reminded him of the natural beauty of the rolling countryside, a peaceful and tranquil setting in which to live.

The Village’s rich history has been documented in the book, “Amberley Village – Its History and Its People” and is available at under the Forms and Documents section. Residents can also visit the history room at the Amberley Village Municipal Building to view historical photos and items.                                                                       February 2015 Edition