Legislation Passed

  • Ordinance 2015-15, Ordinance Appointing Kevin Frank as Village Solicitor
  • Ordinance 2015-16, Ordinance Appointing Rick Kay as Treasurer
  • Ordinance 2015-17, Ordinance Appointing Nicole Browder as Clerk of Council
  • Ordinance 2015-18, Ordinance Appropriating Funds for the Fiscal Year 2015
  • Ordinance 2015-19, Ordinance Appropriating JEDZ Funds for the Fiscal Year 2015
  • Ordinance 2015-20, Ordinance to Amend Service Fee for Solid Waste Collection and Recycling
  • Ordinance 2015-21, Ordinance Making Appropriations for the Expenses of the Village of Amberley for the Fiscal Year 2016
  • Resolution 2015-26, Authorizing the Village Manager to Enter into a Contract with Argonaut for Property and Casualty Insurance