Legislation Passed


  • Resolution 2015-18, Resolution in Support of WeThrive! Environmental Health Initiative and Partnership with Hamilton County Public Health to Promote a Healthier Community
  • Resolution 2015-19, Resolution Authorizing the Village Manager to Prepare and Submit an Application to Participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and Local Transportation Improvement Programs
  • Resolution 2015-20, Resolution Authorizing the Village Manager to Enter into a Contract with the City of Cincinnati for Furnishing Salt for Snow and Ice Control Purposes


  • Ordinance 2015-8, Ordinance Amending Chapter 112 of the Village Code Relating to Commercial Solicitation –Our previous “no solicitation” policy was outdated.  While legally the Village cannot prevent door-to-door solicitation, residents can add their name to the “Do Not Solicit” list being kept by the Police Department.  The list will then be distributed to solicitors – who will now be required to register with the Police Department.
  • Ordinance 2015-9, Ordinance Appropriating Funds for the Fiscal Year 2015
  • Ordinance 2015-10, Ordinance Establishing the Permissive Motor Vehicle License Tax Fund and Appropriating Funds for the Fiscal Year
  • Ordinance 2015-11, Ordinance Authorizing and Directing the Village Manager to Execute a Contract for the Sale of a Portion of the North Site Property – The Village is entering into an agreement to sell a portion of the North Site to Schuermann Properties Acquisitions, LLC for $1,370,000.