Administrative Staff

Photo Credit: Dan Allen

Though small by comparison to other governments, Amberley's administrative staff carries out all the necessary functions of government and then some.  They operate in as streamlined a fashion as possible, emphasizing cross-training and teamwork.  

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Scot Lahrmer, Village Manager
Nicole Browder, Executive Assistant and Village Clerk of Council
Patty Meiers, Tax Administrator
Wes Brown, Zoning and Project Administrator
Kathleen Harcourt, Financial and Payroll Administrator

Role Descriptions

Village Manager

The Village Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the Village.  Financial responsibilities of this position include preparation of the annual budget, annual appropriations, monitoring the financial management process, review and approval of Village expenditures, investment of Village funds and public depository relationships.  The Village Manager is responsible for all Village contracts and agreements for the acquisition of goods and services necessary to support the operation of the Village. 

Enforcement of the Village Code is another aspect of the manager's duties, which includes planning and zoning review, approval and disapproval of requests for zoning permits. 

The Village Manager collaborates with the Public Works Supervisor and Village Engineer in planning and management of public works projects for infrastructure replacement or repair, including road and stormwater programs.  Development in the Village involves the manager's oversight, inspection and input as required for major construction projects in the Village.

The Village Manager is also responsible for the management of Village personnel, including the hiring process, training and evaluation, management of the promotional process and other personnel management issues, in accordance with labor laws and regulations.

The Village Manager serves on or acts as an advisor to various boards and commissions:  Village Council, Village Council Committees, Village Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals, Income Tax Review Board and other citizen volunteer committees.

The manager represents and participates on behalf of the Village at numerous  area wide and intergovernmental organizations and maintains contact with representatives of institutions and industrial properties to ensure collaborative efforts on issues such as property management, future development, safety, and security issues.

The Village Manager also serves the citizens of the Village in a problem-solving capacity, providing assistance to residents with a wide variety of property management issues and other matters of conflict.   

Village Administrative Staff

The Village administrative staff assists residents with questions or concerns regarding such items as road repairs, drainage problems, trash collection, recyclables, weather-related issues and zoning issues, and serves as an information source for numerous other parties such as real estate agents checking on zoning matters or contractors inquiring as to Amberley's restrictions on construction projects.  In addition to their primary job functions, the administrative staff handles:

  • The preparation and filing of zoning approval files and letters, including the storage and maintenance of zoning and construction plans. 
  • Receipting and depositing all revenue which comes into the Village including checks from the State and County Auditors for the Village's share of various revenues and Income Tax receipts, money which is received for tennis keycards, duplicating (copying) charges, sales of zoning codes and history books, etc. and depositing money which has been taken in by the Police Department and Mayor's Court.
  • Property Maintenance Code related complaints and violations involving collaborative work with the Police Department and Service Department to: verify the specific complaint, processing letters to property owners, and monitoring the property to assure that the violation has been corrected. 

Executive Assistant and Village Clerk of Council

The Executive Assistant's primary function is to provide administrative support to the Village Manager in the day-to-day operations of the Village.   She assists in the completion of projects, attends meetings and conducts research.  Projects which this position has been responsible have included production of the newsletter and annual report, development and maintenance of the Village website, providing assistance on IT-related matters and other projects as assigned by the Village Manager. 

As Village Clerk of Council, she compiles the agenda and support materials for each Council meeting that is distributed to all Council members and officers along with the scheduling and proper notice of all Council and committee meetings.  The Clerk of Council must record, prepare and retain all minutes of the Council's proceedings; prepare and authenticate resolutions and ordinances enacted; record votes on all motions; keep files of past actions; and provide information to the public.  Presently the Clerk of Council also serves as the Clerk of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, performing essentially the same duties as described above.

Tax Administrator

The Tax Administrator's primary focus is the collection of all income tax revenue for Amberley Village—business profits tax, withholding tax and individual income tax.  She is responsible for the enforcement of the tax ordinance in order to maximize revenue for the Village.  This is accomplished through reviews and audits of all incoming returns for correctness and completeness. Taxpayers are notified of errors or noncompliance in regard to Village filing requirements.  Records are constantly updated to assure that all Village residents as well as those doing business in Amberley Village are filing as required.

The Tax Administrator periodically reviews the tax ordinance to ensure that the ordinance reflects the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code.  Revisions to the code are recommended to clarify issues or make changes as required by law.

The Tax Administrator is available to assist residents in preparing Amberley Village individual tax returns for those who request this assistance.  She works with tax professionals and businesses to ensure proper filing of their business and withholding tax returns.  

Public Works Supervisor

The Public Works Supervisor assists in budget development for public works, maintenance, and capital improvements projects, performs zoning inspection and plan review services and responds to and assists residents with a variety of requests for services.

The duties of this position include inspection oversight on road rehabilitation, storm water improvements and capital improvements projects, assurance of compliance with EPA regulations, including through above ground storage tank facilities and the Village's Class IV composting operations. This position is also responsible to act as staff liaison to the Roads and Public Works Committee; administer the Village Occupational Safety and Health policies/procedures including the safety training program; maintain and repair Village facilities and equipment; and perform special projects as required by the Village Manager.

The Public Works Supervisor is familiar with all equipment used in the Maintenance Department in order to train employees, to review work procedures, and to enforce safety procedures as well as maintain a valid Class "A" Commercial Driver's License.

Financial and Payroll Administrator

The Financial Administrator of the Village is responsible for managing and carrying out the financial functions of the Village.  Some of the major functions are:  budget preparation, review and recording of investments, processing purchase orders, recording encumbrances, processing vouchers, recording Village revenue, auditing the bank statements, balancing all Village bank accounts, balancing the monthly finance report, and supervising the bi-annual Village audits.  When needed, the Financial Administrator prepares and submits employment ads, attends Council meetings, trains personnel and assists the Village Manager.

This position also is responsible for numerous personnel related functions, including  processing of payroll and maintenance of associated files, direct deposits and longevity payments; forwarding the deduction payments to the proper authorities; reviewing employee benefits; preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual tax reports, reviewing workers' compensation claims.