Police Levy Renewal Options and Information

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March 29, 2017:   Two sessions held at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center
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April 18, 2017:     Set for 7 p.m. in the Amberley Room, Jewish Community Center, 8485 Ridge Road

Police Levy FAQs

The Council’s Finance Committee has held several public meetings to review the upcoming Police Levy renewal.  While the police levy is critical to partially fund police operations, the financial picture of the Village has improved since the initial passage of the levy in 2012. 

At its November 1 meeting, the Finance Committee recommended the police levy be renewed with a 20% reduction to 8 mills.

On November 7, the Finance Committee recommended legislation seeking financial information from the County Auditor as it relates to the 8 mill police levy.  The Village Council considers this recommendation at its November 14 regular council meeting.

The Village Council, at its November 14 meeting, unanimously voted to move forward with the police levy reduction.  Council also authorized the formal step of requesting the Hamilton County Auditor calculate the millage of a reduced police levy renewal at 8 mills.  The Village has estimated that an 8 mill police levy will generate approximately $1,280,000 based on current valuations.  The lowered police levy at 8 mills reduces the taxes residents pay by an estimated $320,000.

In December 2016, the Finance Committee recommended to submit the 20% police levy reduction to the Board of Elections to place on the May 2017 ballot for voters to consider.  At its December 12 regular meeting, the Village Council approved this action.

The 8 mill police levy will next be processed by the Board of Elections and presented to voters on the on the May 2, 2017 ballot. 

Public Meetings and Information Shared:

Finance Committee Meeting on May 31, 2016
          Review of Police Levy

Finance Committee Meeting on September 19, 2016*
          2016 Financial Sustainability Update and Police Levy Options
                  Exhibit A - General Fund Operating Results 2009 - 2016
                  Exhibit B - Cash Flow Scenarios 2016 - 2023
                  Exhibit C - Inheritance Tax and Local Government Receipts
                  Exhibit D - Amberley Village Income Tax Totals 2006 - 2016
                  Exhibit E - Property Tax Collections History 2006 - 2016
                  Exhibit F - Real Estate Valuations 2004 - 2015
                  Exhibit G - Real Estate Transactions 2014 - 2016
                  Exhibit H - Anticipated Capital Investment Expenditures
                  Exhibit I - Pavement Condition Summary 2016
                  Exhibit J - Annual Funding as Required for Transfers to Retirement Fund
                  Exhibit K - Cash Flow Scenarios 2016 - 2023

*This presentation was also shared at the regular meeting of Council on October 11, 2016 by Village Manager Scot Lahrmer.  To view the video recording of the manager's presentation, click here and navigate to the Manager's Report.