Voice Your Opinon

Amberley Village welcomes feedback from all citizens regarding proposed restrictions on dogs at Amberley Green.  As with any governmental entity, there are protocols required for both the government and participants.  The following guidelines are provided to assist you in navigating the process.  Please contact Clerk of Council Tammy Reasoner at 531-8675 or tpreasoner@amberleyvillage.org with any questions.


Know Your Facts: Amberley Green: History, Background & Usage

Follow Procedure:  Guidelines for Respectful Discourse

Opportunities to Voice Your Opinion

Public Buildings & Parks Committee Meeting:  June 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Amberley Village will host a meeting of the Public Buildings and Parks Committee on June 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. (view meeting notice.)  The meeting will be held prior to the June 12 Council meeting, where the second reading of Proposed Ordinance 2021-8, Restricting Dogs at Amberley Green will be conducted.  Information regarding the meeting is both linked to this page and available on the website calendar.
  • No sign-up is required to speak at the committee meeting, however, speakers may be limited due to volume and time constraints.  Priority will be given to Amberley Village residents.
  • Written comments received prior to noon on the day of the meeting will be distributed to committee members before the start of the meeting.
  • Citizens wishing to speak may request to do via chat with the meeting host, and must include full name and address.  (Requests not including the full name and address will not be recognized to speak.)
  • The Committee will hear as many people as possible, with priority given to Amberley Village residents.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Chat will only be seen by the meeting host for the purposes of requesting to speak; public chat will be disengaged to allow the meeting to be conducted according to procedure.
  • Committee meeting will be limited to 120 minutes.

Council Meetings:  Second Monday of the Month at 6:30 p.m.

  • A second reading of Proposed Ordinance 2021-8, Restricting Dogs at Amberley Green will take place at the June 14 meeting of Council.
  • A third reading of Proposed Ordinance 2021-8,Restricting Dogs at Amberley Green will take place at the July 12 meeting of Council.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Registration for a Zoom Council meeting is not the same as signing up to speak; anyone can attend the meeting via Zoom, but speaking requires being added to the agenda.
  • Citizens wishing to speak at Council meetings must sign up to be added to the agenda no later than noon the day of the meeting by contacting the Clerk of Council via phone or email, and providing your name, address and topic. (531-8675 or tpreasoner@amberleyvillage.org)
  • The Village offers streaming video for anyone who wishes to watch a Council meeting without participation. The link is included in public postings and on the website calendar listing for all Council meetings.

Written Comments

  • Written comments can also be sent to the Clerk via email or mail (7149 Ridge Road, 45237) prior to noon the day of the meeting to allow time to compile and forward to all Council members and relevant staff.

Public Buildings & Parks Committee Meeting/June 8, 2021